Project Advent

from Steubenville Fuel

Jesus is coming! Will we have room in our hearts for Him when He gets here?

So often we try to fill ourselves with things that do not ultimately satisfy, and we come up empty every time. This is because Jesus Christ is the only one who can truly satisfy us. The goal of Project Advent is to identify the things with which we are seeking to fill ourselves, and to begin to take steps to root out our attachments to them so we are ready to receive Christ – and the joy and peace with which He wants to fill us – when He comes.

This Advent, listen to the stories of real people who have sought fulfillment in relationships, material goods, others’ approval, and more, and be encouraged as they share how they have learned (and are still learning) to let Christ fill them. Let us begin now to make room in our hearts for our Savior when He comes on Christmas Day!

Project Advent begins Sunday, November 29!

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