A calling to the sacred priesthood of Jesus Christ is one of the most beautiful gifts that a Catholic man can receive.

If you are discerning your vocation and are wondering if you are called to the priesthood, there are many resources on this site that can help. Nothing compares to direct contact with a priest, however. Consider contacting your parish priest or your local Vocation Director, to discuss what God may have in store for you!

Find Your Vocation Director

See below to find the Diocesan Vocation Director in each Diocese.
If your Diocese is not listed here, please contact Fr. Morgan Batt, from the Archdiocese of Brisbane (below).

Rev. Morgan Batt
The Archdiocese of Brisbane
Vocation Brisbane
Rev. Morgan Batt
GPO Box 282
Brisbane, Queensland, 4001
Ph: +61 7 3324 3003
Email: vocation@bne.catholic.net.au

Rev. David Cartwright
The Archdiocese of Melbourne
Vocations Director
Rev. David Cartwright
P.O. Box 146
East Melbourne Victoria 8002
Ph: +61 3 9926 5733
Fax: +61 3 9926 5617
Email: david.cartwright@cam.org.au

Rev. Epeli Qimaqima
The Archdiocese of Sydney
Director of Vocations
Rev. Epeli Qimaqima
The Polding Centre, Lv 11
133 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 02 9307 8421
Fax: 02 9307 8410
Email: epeli.qimaqima@sydneycatholic.org

Rev. Jim McKeon
The Diocese of Broken Bay
Vocation Director
Rev. Jim McKeon
57 Waratah PDE
Narraweena, NSW 2099
Ph: 0116124396-4455
Fax: 0116124397-2853
Email: frjim@narraweenacatholic.com

Rev. Wally Kevis
The Diocese of Bunbury
Rev. Wally Kevis
P.O. Box 22
Dunsborough 6280
Ph: 011 61 8 9755 3944
Email: catholichurchbusso@netserv.net.au

Rev. Walter Fogarty
The Diocese of Parramatta
Dir of Voc/Dir of House of Priestly Forma
9 Edgar St.
St Mary`s NSW 2760
Ph: 011 61 02 962 32578
Fax: 011 61 02 962 32576
Email: parravoc@bigpond.net.au

Rev. David Catterall
The Diocese of Wollongong
Director of Vocations
Rev. David Catterall
P.O. Box 602
Campbelltown, NSW 2560
Ph: 1161242530900
Fax: 1161242530977
Email: vocations@parish.woll.catholic.org.au