A calling to the sacred priesthood of Jesus Christ is one of the most beautiful gifts that a Catholic man can receive.

If you are discerning your vocation and are wondering if you are called to the priesthood, there are many resources on this site that can help. Nothing compares to direct contact with a priest, however. Consider contacting your parish priest or your local Vocation Director, to discuss what God may have in store for you!

Find Your Vocation Director - GERMANY

See below to find the Diocesan Vocation Director in each Diocese.

Fr. Michael Maas
National Vocation Director
National Center for Vocation Pastoral Care
Wintererstr. 6
79104 Freiburg i.Br.
Tel. +49 761/38906-64
Email: maas@berufung.org

Fr. Holger Ungruhe
Vocation Director Diocese Münster
Neubrückenstr. 60
48143 Münster
Tel: +49 251 488-2017
Mobil: +49 152 2298-7235
Email: ungruhe@bistum-muenster.de

Fr. Martin Kochalski
Vocation Director Diocese Dresden-Meißen
Schloßstraße 24
01067 Dresden
Tel. +49 351 3364-797
Email: martin.kochalski@ordinariat-dresden.de

Fr. Tim Sturm
Vocation Director Diocese Trier
Mustorstr. 2
54290 Trier
Tel. +49 651 9771-208
Mobil: +49 151 2145-0627
Email: tim.sturm@bgv-trier.de