“To live in Truth is the basic minimum of human dignity, even if the price to defend the Truth could be costly. You need to always remain faithful to the Truth. Truth can never be betrayed.”

“It seems to me that in the history of the Church, in the history of Christianity, there are many examples showing to what extent you have to defend the Truth. You have to defend it to the end. Jesus Christ sacrificed His life in order to announce his Divine Truth. Likewise, the apostles sacrificed their lives. Therefore the role of the priest is to proclaim the Truth and suffer for the Truth…… If necessary, even to die for the truth. Such examples are plenty in Christianity, and from these examples we should draw conclusions for ourselves.”

“Truth never changes. It cannot be destroyed by any decision or legal act. Telling the truth with courage is a way leading directly to freedom. A man who tells the Truth is a free man despite external slavery, imprisonment or custody.” 

At his funeral, an estimated one million people surrounded his church in Warsaw and as one, they promised to continue his struggle for freedom through non-violence.
“Rest in peace, Father Jerzy. Solidarity is alive because you gave your life for it.”