309 days ago
Diocesan Priest diocesanpriest
NCDVD Board offering a Holy Hour for all those who serve in this sacred ministry. #thinkingpriesthood https://t.co/lBkTaakiYb
310 days ago
Diocesan Priest diocesanpriest
RT @ncdvd: Ask Netflix to cancel film depicting Jesus as a homosexual! - Sign: https://t.co/w5jI8jo4fx
314 days ago
Diocesan Priest diocesanpriest
Always go to Mary; she waits eagerly to bring you to Jesus. #ThinkingPriesthood https://t.co/BxkA51EuMG
315 days ago
Diocesan Priest diocesanpriest
How is your Advent going? In the midst of holiday shopping and celebrations remember to take time to reflect on the… https://t.co/vwGGtYJqqB
321 days ago
Diocesan Priest diocesanpriest
Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas. He gave his YES to God, will you? #ThinkingPriesthood #vocation https://t.co/FWlkWRmGYe

What is Diocesan Priest?

Diocesan Priest serves ordinary men who are responding to their call to holiness and offers guidance for the question:
“Is Jesus Christ calling me to be a Catholic priest?”


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8 hours ago
Diocesan Priest diocesanpriest
Novena will prepare for beatification of the founder of Knights of Columbus https://t.co/5iKZ1rndG9 @USCCB @frjonop @ncdvd

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