15 hours ago
Diocesan Priest diocesanpriest
Shout out to all the volunteers helping at the WYD Mercy Centre. #WYDKrakow2016 https://t.co/elIeFrE4ve
17 hours ago
Diocesan Priest diocesanpriest
Adoration Chapel is starting to come together at the #WYDMercyCentre. Come visit Jesus when you are here. https://t.co/zbM0XpBRDr
17 hours ago
Diocesan Priest diocesanpriest
In Krakow Market you will find these models of some of the more popular sites, designed for blind people. #WYD https://t.co/UArYdstwPo
1 day ago
Diocesan Priest diocesanpriest
So what exactly do you get with your WYD packet? Lots of great stuff 1. Backpack - which is… https://t.co/5aEj05dtQY

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